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Senior service

Every care and attention

For many people moving is a major step, creating a lot of stress. That applies even more for senior citizens. It is good to have somebody to offer the necessary support.
Euromovers specializes in removals for senior citizens. These may be older people who are downsizing or moving to assisted housing. However they can also be the residents of a care home who are moving to new accommodation. We take time for everybody.

Care and attention for your removal

It is beyond any doubt that moving is regarded as stressful and difficult. A new living environment, the packing of personal belongings and perhaps farewell to furniture. It all adds up. Dijkshoorn Euromovers is only too aware of this. That is why we have a special service for senior citizens’ removals.

Intensieve begeleiding

The pace of a ‘normal’ removal is quite drastic. For senior citizens this pace is disagreeable. That is why Dijkshoorn Euromovers takes all the time necessary to bring them in a comfortable fashion to their new living environment. We employ specialized removal conductors who are expert in supporting senior citizens. We can also arrange for the house to be cleared or for rented houses to be restored to their original condition.

From packing to selecting curtains

Dijkshoorn Euromovers’ service is to all intents and purposes unlimited. We will assist by packing carefully and without any hurry. We ensure that the old house is clean and empty. Our removal conductors will even assist clients to the store to buy new floor coverings or curtains to match the furniture. We will help unpacking and arranging furniture in the new house. We will, if necessary, call on our handyman service for additional jobs such as hanging lamps. We even ensure the separate delivery of their daily medicines.

Storage of household effects

If following the removal you have furniture left over, Dijkshoorn Euromovers can store it for you. The owner will receive a detailed inventory list. We can also give the furniture to charity.