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Private removal?

Private removals

For many people moving is a big step creating a lot of stress. So it needs a lot of preparation. You may already have your hands full with your children or your job is good to know there is a professional removal company that’s there for you with advice and solutions.

Dijkshoorn Verhuisservice lets you decide for yourself how much you want to do and how much you want to leave to us. Whether you decide to move only the large items or all your possessions. We arrange everything for you. Dijkshoorn Verhuisservice is a member of the Organization of Accredited Removal Firms. An accredited removal firm meets after all several requirements in the area of quality, environment and safety.

Your removal professionally executed

Removing is a profession. If you have ever moved, you will probably agree with that. The preparations take most of the time. Dijkshoorn Verhuisservice helps you with this. A personal checklist will take you through it step by step. We will help you with packing, removal boxes, transportation, technical solutions and unpacking, if you require. You may also decide to let us dismantle or reassemble your furniture. Our handyman can also hang your lamps, connect your washing machine and other similar tasks.

Expertise in every area

Every removal is different. You can count on our experience in every situation. Do you have a large cabinet or other item of furniture which is difficult to transport by the staircase? Dijkshoorn Verhuisservice will employ a lift. Do you possesvaluable art or antique? Then we will employ our team of professional art handlers. Do you have items of furniture you cannot place in your new house? We will be happy to temporarily store these for you. You may decide to have only your large pieces removed by us or the entire contents of your home.

The day of the removal

On the day of the removal Dijkshoorn Verhuisservice will do as much as possible to relieve you of strain so you can take the children to school, run errands or make the final preparations for your new home. The contents of your home have been fully insured by means of a guarantee certificate. When necessary we will arrange the permits required to park in front of your house. With us your removal is in safe hands. Don't worry, by the evening your furniture will be back in place and you can enjoy your new home from the comfort of your couch.