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Storage & administration for business contents

Storage & administration for business contents

Flexible and reliable storing of your goods in the heated and secured storage of Dijkshoorn Euromovers

Are you short of space? You can approach us for renting a storage space and for various management, both for business and private. For example, you can temporarily store your household belongings during a renovation, store your inventory with us and let us manage your archives in electronically secured areas.

Furniture storage

When your company moves or when a renovation is taking place, it may be that the furniture or part of it needs to be temporarily stored. Our heated and secure warehouse ensures that your property is protected and awaits you in perfect condition.

Storage of your belongings

Are you planning to renovate? Or do you need furniture storage during your move? You can contact us for temporary storage of your furniture. Storage always takes place in heated and secured areas.

The household belongings can be collected from you and placed in the container(s) by our employees. After the storage period it can be delivered back to your new home. This method is also often used for renovations/reconversions.

It is possible that your household belonging insurer does not insure your household belongings during the storage period. We can then offer temporary insurance for you. This way you can store your household belongings without any worries. For storage you can choose between wooden containers of approximately 9 m³ (wxhxd 225x225x180) or 20" sea containers of approximately 33 m³.

Storage space for art and antiques

A storage space for art and antiques requires perfection. We deliver conditioned (worldwide) transport and have guarded storage areas with climate control systems. If necessary, extra physical security facilities are possible for your art or antiques. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have built up a renowned name at renowned museums. For reasons of discretion, we can only inform you about this after making an appointment.