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Internal removal

An internal move is a different discipline than a normal move. Because your properties are moved within one location, different assistance is needed than when moving between different locations. Professional movers and handyman on call can offer a solution. They organise the removal of workstations, the hanging of paintings, the disassembly and assembly of furniture and the conversion and cleaning up of archive space.

Offerte op maat
Dijkshoorn Euromovers can keep the work out of your hands. Our project managers keep an overview for you and work according to agreements with a scenario. The project manager will assist you during the move, but he can also be of service to you afterwards. In the period after the move you can rely on an experienced project manager who keeps a cool head.

ICT removal
Moving computers and equipment involves more than just putting down the computers. All cabling, connections and data columns must also be in the right place and work. Our ICT employees ensure that your employees are quickly operational and can do their work again after an internal relocation.
For internal removals Dijkshoorn Euromovers supplies a caretaker on a contract basis:

  • Make-up of furniture keys.
  • Connecting household appliances.
  • Make an inventory of defects or damage.
  • Minor maintenance of copying machines.
  • Technical support meeting rooms.
  • Classification of meeting rooms.
  • Hanging paintings.
  • Deconstruction and assembly of furniture.
  • Managing the archive room.
  • Bringing the mail around.
  • Other operational activities in the facility area