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Project removals Comfort

Project removals Comfort

projectverhuizingen-comfortpakketWell organized and we accept responsibility

Do you want to leave the complete organization of your company’s removal to the professionals? Your choice is the COMFORT-package. The COMFORT-package provides you with additional services during your removal so that you will be free to concentrate on your company’s activities.

Dijkshoorn Euromovers will make sure that your old corporate premises are left behind in an orderly fashion. We shall then fit out your new corporate premises with care and attention. A handyman will be available for repairs, hang whiteboards or attach nameplates to the doors. An ICT expert will be available to connect your network correctly. We guarantee you a problem-free removal.


In-hoese expertise

You may of course limit Dijkshoorn Euromovers activities simply to the removal of your inventory. You will however then be responsible for the technical aspects of your departure from the old premises and the installation of the new. Whether you have office space, a manufacturing unit or a laboratory, we possess the expertise required to arrange your removal from A to Z. We will be very glad to take on full responsibility for you. Euromovers companies hold the PPV seal of approval. This is your guarantee for independent quality accreditation aimed at safety, integrity, quality and craftsmanship.


Storage and administration of office inventory

When you have excess office inventory, or want to maintain a stock, Dijkshoorn Euromovers will store this for you. Our interactive storage administration system gives you control of your storage space. You can log in online and decide which items of inventory should be removed from the storage area. The storage administration system contains photographs and descriptions of your inventory. We’ll deliver the inventory to your business premises or collect it again. We then adjust your storage costs immediately. In this way you will never pay too much.

For every requirement we have an appropriate and efficient solution tailored to the individual situation. You will therefore find that the COMFORT package always meets your precise requirements:

  • Connecting or disconnecting equipment
  • Records storage and administration
  • Clean Service: collection and destruction of paper, including communications and logistics
  • Packing and unpacking, dismantling and reassembly
  • Handyman service
  • Janitorial service
  • ICT expert
  • Personal guidance of your department heads
  • Project support and/or project coordinator
  • Scanning and filing
  • Rental and sale of office furniture
  • Service desk


Quality certificates